(c) 2005-6 Procedural Arts


a one-act interactive drama
(c)opyright 2005-2006 Procedural Arts, www.interactivestory.net

Design, engineering, writing, animation and production:
Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern

Voice acting: Chloe Johnston, Andy Bayiates
Music: Billy Gomberg, Matt Ganucheau, Jim Doran, Aaron Acosta, Leo Caruso
Additional programming: Mehmet Fidanboylu
Additional character animation and art: John Rines, Andy Webster
Additional voice: Mary McCann, Joel Bresler
Story consultant: John Lavin
Macintosh port: Ryan C. Gordon

Very special thanks: Tania Vu and Anne Siegel

Special thanks: Paul Fowler, Joshua Jones, Bethany Benzur, Robin Hunicke, Rob Zubek, Andre Pluess, Adam Goldstein, Diana Slickman, Adam Chapman, Christine Egan, Mike Mare

Additional Thanks: Brenda Harger, Mary Poole, Kathy Buys, the Neo-Futurists, NeHe Productions, Marco Pinter, Greg Stern, Guy Whitmore, William Huber, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg, Jaime Carbonell, Jessica Hodgins, Ian Horswill, Marie-Laure Ryan

Inspiration: Brenda Laurel, Joseph Bates, Bryan Loyall, Peter Weyrauch, Scott Reilly, Chris Crawford, Janet Murray

Continuing research on interactive drama at Georgia Tech is supported by a generous grant from Intel.


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